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Home Buyers, Beware of Festive Offers

A company manufacturing dog food was having a brainstorming session with the entire team of Management, CEO, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Advertising Head on how to revive the falling sales of their product.

The usual blame game started with the Sales pointing finger at Marketing, and Marketing doing the same at Sales. Both together blaming the Advertising and vice-versa.

Suddenly the Assistant of the MD, got up, called a dog, placed the food at the dog. The dog sniffed at the food, and walked away without even touching it.

Well the reality was the end consumer was not willing to bite and there in lied the problem.

Similarly for the Developers and the Real Estate Sector, you can have tremendous debates, blame demonetisation or interest rates, RBI for poor sales of their home units.

The fact is the prices of the houses are beyond the reach of the end users and the end users are not willing to bite.

Time to get the message straight.

You can fool some people all the times, all people some times,

But you Cannot Fool All the people, All the time.

Happy Gudi Padva to All & Happy New Year