A Poem on SIP

Got this beautiful poem from one of my readers.

Dear SIP,

When you are in flow, I never feel slow…

During market volatility, you assure us profitability…

Insurance protection you offer with care, that combination is very rare…

Exercise makes me healthy & discipline with you makes me wealthy..

In case of emergency need, you are like a true friend indeed….

In fear when I thought you to monitor, you always said to go to advisor…

Every passing year you grow more, I promise will never leave you for sure…

Dear SIP, when you are in flow, I never feel slow…


New Partnership

A warm good evening to every one.

We are happy to announce we have partnered with Anulom, a Government approved Doorstep Service Provider for Rental Agreements Registration.

What’s really great is you get these services at your doorstep in low & transparent charges.

Now no worry to make a registered rent agreement (leave & licence) of flat, commercial place like offices, factory premises, workshop etc.

Moreover you don’t have to visit any government office, our representatives meet you at your place & carry out the necessary paper work & verification online, saving your valuable time & money.

Thanks to the technology & government’s e-initiatives.

Benefit to Owners: High value property is safe and secure through a Leave and License Agreement. Dispute can be settled in court only if agreement is registered.

Benefit to Tenants: Tenant has paid a refundable deposit to the owner which is documented in the leave and License Agreement. Tenants deposit is secure through this agreement and owner is liable according to law to return the deposit on end of term of the agreement. Dispute can be settled in court only if agreement is registered.

Currently we provide services in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Solapur, Satara, Kolhapur, Nanded & Latur.

Psst:- If you wish to avail the services, reach us at 9029868078.


Investments & Thali Connection

What are the different varieties of food in a thali?

We all would have tasted at least once any thali’s.

As thali has different food like pickle, papad & rice, your portfolio should also have different assets.

All food proportions are different. Rice is more, cucumber & pickle is less, similarly, risky assets should be less & quantity should be checked.

Our diet changes depending on the age & ability to eat. Similarly, our investment portfolio should also change with age & needs.

Kaustubh Deole

Why Review?

Don’t be a blind follower of your fund despite signs of trouble.

Staying invested in mutual funds over the long term is not enough.

REVIEW your portfolio PERIODICALLY to ensure you are investing in the right instruments.

Kaustubh Deole

Herd Mentality Bias

An investor believes that his
acquaintances, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours etc may have better information than him, and that leads him to follow them.

Such choices may be justified by short-term performance, but often lead to bubbles and crashes in the long run.

Small investors keep watching other participants for confirmation, and then end up entering when the markets are over heated and poised for correction.

Kaustubh Deole