How a Password can create Wealth

Sorry for late post. Was hosting a workshop on Financial Independence.

Inspired from a true story from the Reader’s Digest …

I was having an average morning until I sat down in front of my office computer “your password has expired”, a server message flashed on my screen, with instructions for changing it…

In my company we have to change passwords monthly..I was deeply depressed after my recent breakup. Disbelief over what she had done to me was what I thought all day long ….

I remembered a tip I’d heard from my former boss. He’d said, “I’m going to use a password that is going to change my life”.

I couldn’t focus on getting things done in my current mood.. My password reminded me that I shouldn’t let myself be a victim of my recent breakup and that I was strong enough to do something about it.

I made my password – Forgive@her.

I had to type this password several times every day, each time my computer would lock. Each time I came back from lunch I wrote forgive her.

The simple action changed the way I looked at my ex-gf. That constant reminder of reconciliation led me to accept the way things happened and helped me deal with my depression..

By the time the server prompted me to change my password following month, I felt free.

The next time you have to change your password consider some of the following passwords :-


2) @investforgoals

3) @investforthelongterm

4) @equityinvestingisbestforretirement

5) @startinvestingearly

6) @dontcheckyourinvestmentstoooften

7) @dontworryaboutmarketvolatility

9) @riskmeansshorttermmarketfluctuation

Keeping at it brings great results and will create great wealth for you.


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